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Pursuant to the provisions of article 59.1 of Royal Decree 2816/1982, of August 27, which approves the General Police Regulations for Public Entertainment and Recreational Activities, in relation to the provisions of session 2 of Decree 86 /2013, of August 1, which approves the Regulations on classified activities and public shows,

Entry/and membership in this establishment is prohibited for any person who:

  • You are not registered as a client or do not have a confirmed reservation.
  • You want to enter once the maximum authorized capacity has been exceeded or the establishment''s opening hours have expired.
  • Express violent attitudes or publicly incite hatred, violence or discrimination.
  • Behaves aggressively and causes altercations inside or at the entrance and carries weapons or objects that could be used as such.
  • Refuse to identify yourself to the security guards/responsible for the hotel.
  • Demonstrates symptoms of intoxication or is consuming drugs or narcotic substances or shows symptoms of having consumed them.
  • Do not meet the minimum age requirement.
  • Evidence a clear lack of personal hygiene.
  • Has been expelled from the establishment for inappropriate behavior in advance.
  • Do not respect established rules of behavior and internal regulations, such as not having your torso exposed in common areas inside the building.
  • Smoke or consume tobacco products/or electronic cigarettes within the establishment facilities, except in areas specifically designated and designated for this purpose.